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Businesses of all sizes need an effective payment processing solution in the fast-paced world of commerce, and Helcim’s merchant account offers that solution. This guide will offer an in-depth view of Helcim and their merchant accounts; including how to open one and their features as well as benefits.

What Is Helcim

Helcim, a Canadian payment processing company founded in 2006 and widely recognized for its transparent prices, comprehensive feature set, and superior customer service, stands out among competitors with its commitment to transparency; offering clear pricing without hidden fees or contracts.

Why choose Helcim as your Helcim supplier

Helcim stands out with its transparent pricing model: interchange-plus pricing is often more cost-effective compared to tier-based models used by other processors; you simply pay a fixed markup on each transaction – usually expressed as a percentage plus an administrative charge.

Payment processors often lock their clients into long-term agreements with high early termination fees. Helcim offers month-to-month agreements that give you flexibility to cancel at any time, without incurring penalties or cancellation fees.

Helcim offers a selection of features designed to meet modern business requirements. These features include online and in-person payment processing, invoicing and recurring billing as well as virtual terminal access. Furthermore, their platform is compatible with many popular business tools, including eCommerce platforms.

Helcim is well known for their outstanding customer service. They offer phone and email support from knowledgeable representatives ready to address any inquiries or address concerns that you might have.

How to Open a Helcim Account

Establishing a Helcim Merchant Account is simple and follows these steps:

Fill out an application form on Helcim’s website. Be prepared to provide essential details about your company such as its name, address and contact details.

Helcim may require you to provide documentation in order to validate your business, such as your license and canceled check/bank statement as well as proof of identification of its owners.

Helcim will review your documents and application once submitted; approval typically takes several days although in certain instances approval can occur faster.

Once approved, Helcim will send your login details for an account so you can set up payment processing systems – such as connecting eCommerce platforms to POS systems or configuring invoicing – easily.

Helcim Merchant Accounts: Features

Helcim offers businesses an impressive set of features designed to speed and streamline payments processing, such as:

Accept Payment in Person

Helcim offers solutions to businesses looking for solutions for accepting payment in person, which is user-friendly and works across devices including smartphones and tablets. Designed intuitively so staff can learn quickly.

Online Payments

Helcim provides businesses operating online with a comprehensive suite of tools for online payments, including virtual terminals and payment gateways – and integrations into popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento – giving customers an effortless checkout process and decreasing cart abandonment rates.

Recurring Invoicing and Billing

Helcim’s Recurring Billing Platform makes the billing process straightforward for businesses offering subscription services or having to invoice customers regularly. You can customize invoices, set reminders automatically and track payment statuses all from within this single platform.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual terminals allow businesses to accept payment over the phone or mail order. This option is an ideal solution for companies that accept orders remotely and need backup if their primary payment system goes down.

Mobile Payments

Helcim’s mobile payment solutions enable businesses to accept payments securely and quickly wherever they go – be it tradeshow, pop-up store or client venue. Their app ensures safe processing of payments wherever you may be located.

Helcim places great emphasis on security. Their PCI DSS compliance ensures they meet the strictest security standards for payment data, while Helcim provides fraud prevention tools to safeguard businesses against fraudulent transactions.

Helcim Merchant Accounts Offer Many Advantages

Cost Savings

Helcim offers transparent pricing and its interchange-plus model allows businesses to save money when compared with other payment processors. Transaction costs can easily be seen, and no hidden charges exist for each transaction.


Helcim offers an unrivaled level of flexibility in their contracts compared to many other processors – you can cancel at any time, without worrying about early termination fees or penalties.

Ease of Use

Helcim’s platform has been created for maximum user friendliness. Everything is straightforward from setting up accounts to processing payments to creating reports.

Outstanding Support

Helcim has earned a stellar reputation for their customer service team’s responsive and knowledgeable assistance, so that when help is required you’re sure to receive it when needed.

Comprehensive Solutions

Helcim offers an array of payment processing solutions, whether you prefer accepting payments online, in person, or remotely. Their wide array of features makes managing all aspects of payment processing simpler than ever.

Comparing Helcim to Other Payment Processors

It can be helpful to compare Helcim against the competition. Below you’ll see Helcim’s performance against them:

Square: Square is a widely recognized payment processor known for its ease of use and versatility, like Helcim it offers solutions both for in-person payments as well as online. However, unlike Helcim which prides itself on outstanding customer service. Pricing at Square is determined by a flat rate system which may prove more costly when companies with high transaction volumes need processing capabilities. Reviews regarding their support service have received mixed responses; while Helcim prides itself on exceptional support services.

PayPal : PayPal is an established payment processor offering various solutions. However, fees tend to be higher when conducting international transactions through their platform and they have an infuriating habit of holding onto funds, which poses issues for businesses that require access to their cash quickly.

Stripe Stripe offers a comprehensive set of features and integrations in the online payments space, with similar pricing to Helcim but better customer service ratings from users. Both options provide businesses with robust solutions for accepting online payments.

Is it safe for me to buy helcim merchant account

Helcim is a reputable payment processor known for its transparent pricing, excellent customer service, and commitment to security. However, whether it’s safe for you to buy a Helcim merchant account depends on several factors:

  1. Your Business Model: Helcim caters to a wide range of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises. They support various industries, including retail, e-commerce, professional services, and more. If your business aligns with their terms of service and industry regulations, it’s likely safe for you to consider using Helcim.
  2. Compliance Requirements: Like any payment processor, Helcim has compliance standards that businesses must adhere to. These standards are in place to prevent fraud, money laundering, and other illicit activities. Before purchasing a Helcim merchant account, ensure that your business complies with their requirements to avoid any issues.
  3. Security Measures: Helcim prioritizes security and employs robust measures to protect both merchants and customers. They use encryption, tokenization, and other advanced technologies to safeguard sensitive data during transactions. By using Helcim, you can trust that your customers’ payment information is secure.
  4. Transparent Pricing: One of the advantages of Helcim is its transparent pricing model. They don’t charge hidden fees or lock merchants into long-term contracts. Instead, they offer straightforward pricing with interchange-plus rates, which can save businesses money in the long run. Make sure you understand Helcim’s pricing structure and how it aligns with your budget and sales volume.
  5. Customer Support: Another aspect of safety is reliable customer support. Helcim is known for its responsive customer service team that’s available to assist merchants with any issues or questions they may have. Knowing that you have support readily available can provide peace of mind when using Helcim for your payment processing needs.

Maximize Your Helcim Merchant Account

Here are a few strategies for optimizing the benefits of your Helcim Merchant Account:

Understanding Your Pricing To estimate costs more accurately and pinpoint areas where savings could be found.

Take Advantage of All Features

Helcim offers many features to make payment easy. From virtual terminal to recurring billing and more – everything you need to streamline payments is available right here.

Staying current on payment security Staying abreast of best practices in payment security is vital. Helcim offers various security features that may protect against potential threats; however, it is still wise to be aware of potential threats and strategies to combat them.

Utilize Helcim Customer Support

Never be reluctant to reach out if you require assistance or have any inquiries; their knowledge could save both time and hassle!


Businesses of all kinds need to choose a payment processor that fits their needs, and Helcim offers transparent pricing, an expansive feature set, excellent customer service, and comprehensive support that make it an excellent option. Learning what Helcim offers will allow your merchant account to become more efficient so you can focus on growing your company rather than worrying about payments.

Helcim is an ideal payment processing provider, whether you are just getting started or switching providers. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency make them an exceptional option; follow this guide’s steps for setting up your Helcim Merchant Account to take your business to the next step!


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